Let us believe what we have heard from the whispers in our spirit.

Redeeming Truth: It’s a gift from the everlasting Father that I’m certain cannot be acquired through human effort.  Yet, we must believe.  Let us believe what we have heard from the whispers in our spirit.  Let us have ears to hear; remembering that it is a spiritual ear that must be listening. For truth can only be heard when our hearts are humble and it is with a humble heart that we begin to see Truth. God has unveiled this in His Son, Jesus Christ –our example of living, breathing, inherent Truth. 

Know that it is God alone that does the drawing.  He draws and then does the revealing; granting repentance first, then giving Truth —because He is Truth, He gives of Himself.  To behold what we seek, we must be awakened, and this also is a gift given only after having sought it with all our heart. 

Understand that the ONLY struggle in this life is what scripture calls a “Fight of Faith” Faith to believe that God IS, that He is able, that He is willing –for all things hang upon His Love. He is Love — ♥ This we cannot deny, because we have been given the knowledge by the Holy Spirit’s promptings…If we believe, then He makes His home within our heart’s prayer closet, bringing life to our soul and giving new birth to our own spirit where He now sits with us to teach all things in God’s Holy Word.  He directs our hands to open to the very pages that hold the answers for our dilemma.  In His sovereignty, He provides peace for the circumstance, and we are nurtured by His Grace.  This, too, is His gift; He longs to give you His gifts.  They redeem the past, restore the present, and fulfill His future for your life.  Open yourself up to His voice and invite Him in… only then will you be renewed to a deeper understanding of His great Mercy and transcendent Truth… and with each encounter, Faith is strengthened for the battle.  This is also His gift.  

How I cherish His gifts – I’m captured by His overcoming Truth.  I live for our appointed meetings where His promptings draw me near, where I know that He is waiting to meet me full of gifts to bestow; for my comfort is His delight, His joy in me brings strength, and His promises are unfailing! ♥ ~.~  We believe, therefore we obtain —the Helper has been given!  Bless the Savior that arose and ascended on high for the direct purpose of sending us His Holy Spirit  –our Guide and Comfort– Blessings ~.~