You May Be Reading The Bible Way Too Much!

I look forward to this kind of reading schedule 🙂

Between 2 Cities

The Downpour

Everyone knows that a downpour is bad for the soil. It comes on really strong, washes away the topsoil, and does not really sink down into the ground in order to water it. What is much more helpful is a slow and steady rain, which saturates the ground over the long term, and then brings life to everything that it touches.

Sometime, I think we read our Bibles like we are hoping for a downpour. We wake up and attempt to cram as many verses into our morning Bible time as we possibly can, all the while hoping and praying that God would flood us with something incredible before we face the drought of our busy days. Now, don’t get me wrong. Making a priority for reading the Bible is an absolute necessity, and reading large sections of Scripture has its place (it’s called Bible study); but when we only have…

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