Spirit thoughts beyond the Veil.

There I was; my body sprawled sideways across the floor, my cheek pressed into carpet fibers, my eyes hidden behind a blanket of hair covering one arm tossed across my head. My mind was drowning in musical bliss, the bass was forcefully reverberating within my body once again squeezing from my conscience all concerns of how this spectacle appeared. This was why I had come; in pursuit of this overwhelmingly welcomed and familiar event. My soul having been exhausted by its resistance, my body worn down from protest, I had forced surrender from vanity into sacrifices of praise. Now free from mental weights, my spirit soared with but one determination left… my worship began.

I’ve decided to live each breath in constant contemplation of this blessed event. I set my daily tasks, one leading to the next, each purposed toward a path designed to lead me to this end, this anticipated labor of a love that never leaves. My mind is in pursuit, a constant craving for His open door by which I long to enter in.
…Again, I’ve found this place. My thoughts have passed the threshold where reason is transformed to fit His grace. Within this place of sweet surrender, an absolute state of joy in true worship for my King, I peer through brunette strands and catch a glimpse of His feet resting by His throne. My spirit stays distant, my view shifts to a throng of angels towering and passionately demonstrating constant songs of adoration to my Heavenly Father.  Worthy is the Lord God Almighty. The floor now clears, a way is made, somehow I see that I am laying at His feet. “I want to know You, Lord.” My voice is a faint whisper, my natural mind still cognizant of strobes that stream through tousled hair reflecting gently on my face.  I’m still outstretched, innately poised in position guarded from all distractions. Such peace and joy now causing trembles fluttering in waves of warming currents washing free all stress and worry from my frame. They pour over all physical senses while awakening my spirit all the more…
So much clarity has been released from this repose. Detached from time, here come my sought for answers, here come all seven Spirits burning. Realities once present from this age begin to fade away to take their rightful place among the carnal facts of earthly truths no longer claiming priority.  My mind breaks free willingly receiving pleasant spirit-thoughts flooding from another realm that reach into emotions now creating their own language for my understanding.
Heaven has drawn back the veil and I can briefly grasp the mysteries.  Thoughts to come are strangely submissive to this place where body and soul have become muted. My spirit strengthens all the more intently focused on the voice I’ve come to Love. His voice speaks gently, kindly sounding repetitions waiting for my recognition. My spirit now increasing in its craving to break loose, arouses its control and leads out my voice with crying shouts that bellow forth for more of Him. One last shout from depths that burst forcefully aloud shedding tears filled with gratitude that raise me up. I’m on my knees in adoration of this wonder, that He would visit me so clearly amidst this noise! A wonderful noise too beautiful for words and I am humbled by His presence in awe and wonder of His touch. I feel it now, so powerful within my soul inside of places buried deep. I never knew I owned these places now springing up alive with healing power rushing through me. Their soothing ripples keeping me in quickened health. He keeps His place so close as I stay frozen. His breath quite near, I try to take it in through every pore that tingles as He blows across my fragile frame. I’m shaking now, I’ve caught my breath, it speeds unsteadily escaping into pants of glorious laughter as my mind falls into depths unstudied by this place I’m captured in. This type of racing heart has been unknown to me before this massive shattering of time that meets eternity, both now colliding from within my weakly flesh.
“Undo the veil, undo the veil, undo the veil.” He speaks in echoes. “I want to show you more of Me. I want to open up your eyes. I will reveal My will to you. Right now come dance a dance with Me. All things will be made clear.”
How can I not respond to this? I’m urged to grapple to my feet. How dare I cower back from God’s new call? His call to abandon all this pride that keeps me from the benefit. I stand in awesome wonderment that this could come so easily.  All that’s required is found in surrendering, and I have acquired all that I seek. I live to give to Him my All and He returns His favor.



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