How we are a PECULIAR PEOPLE; those who are not easily offended. Those who when finally awaken to the reality that we are no longer accusable, (for there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus) no longer take offense. We become free from anger, bitterness, evil speaking, and malice. Our chains have been loosed and our bondages destroyed! So now with our newly found freedom, we feel we must supply grace to the hearer. Of necessity, mercy springs forth, because we recognize the outpouring of grace and mercy that has and is being bestowed upon us daily. It is an overflowing rushing river of mercy triumphing over judgment. With it comes overwhelming joy welling up from within as we realize that we are Purified in Christ. Because of what He has already done ✅ , we are Sanctified ♥ It is not our own efforts that have freed us in this way; for how many times have we missed the mark? How many failures left us with bleeding hearts? But, Praise the One to whom all honour and glory is owed 🙌 #Jesus our Lord, #Christ the Savior. #Hallelujah For it has been said, “I’ve been marked by the manifest Presence of God and I’m ruined…forever ruined from accepting anything less than His loving embrace of Grace.” And, it has #wrecked me. Wrecked is my current state. The state of a Peculiar People now made whole from amongst the chaos of their shattered egos. . . yet, somehow we are held together more beautifully in this wrecked state than ever we were in our previously held ‘all is well’ manifested personas.

👏 So it is, that in our lowest understanding, at a time of unanswered groaning, when we give ourselves over to worship 🙌🎶✨ He chooses to reveal His mysteries. . .And now we see. Now we know that we know that we know. And it is perfect. 💕 How can we ever be the same? How do we stop ourselves from worshiping our King forever with pure and absolute abandon?

“To Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to present you blameless before the presence of His glory with great joy; to the only God, our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Be Glory, Majesty, Dominion, and Authority, before all time and now and forevermore. Amen.”


By Their Fruits

So needed to have this preached to me as a reminder, that how we live speaks louder than what we say.

Inspire and BE Inspired

Pay attention - JWTBlog FB post

Although I truly believe in good intentions, because I know first-hand the many deeply-held but unrealized good intentions of my own heart and vision, I also understand why the wisdom and “truth” of the axiom “It’s not what we say, it’s what we do” is so universally recognized and accepted. Our actions really do speak louder than our words. The proof is indeed in the pudding, not in the possibilities that exist when we talk about what the pudding might taste like … if we make it.

Likewise, we really do show one another how we truly feel about each other by the way that we actually treat one another. Not by what we say to each other. Or by what we say about how we feel about others. But by what we in fact do.

Others may not always tell us how they feel about us…

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12 Bible Verses about Trusting God’s Timing — Heather C. King – Room to Breathe

Psalm 31:15 ESV My times are in your hand; rescue me from the hand of my enemies and from my persecutors! Ecclesiastes 3:1 ESV For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: Ecclesiastes 3:11 ESV He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into […]

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7 Ways to Fight Distraction During Prayer

This is such good advice! It’s worth the re-blog to share these tips.


I’ve been trying to pray more this year. But prayer does not always come easily to me. I often find (can you relate?) that I sit down to pray with the best of intentions, only to suddenly catch myself, a few moments later, daydreaming about yesterday’s conversation, tomorrow’s meeting, or next week’s vacation.

Most of us have experienced this, and the rest of us are liars!

Distraction can be a huge hindrance in our prayer life, but I am also discovering that it provides an opportunity for growth. Here are seven strategies for fighting distraction, and harnessing it to deepen and direct our prayers.

1) Pray with Scripture

I remember hearing somewhere (I can’t remember where) that Scripture teaches us how to pray as a mother teaches a child how to talk. God speaks to us through his Word, and then we speak back to him in response, much as…

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Spirit thoughts beyond the Veil.

There I was; my body sprawled sideways across the floor, my cheek pressed into carpet fibers, my eyes hidden behind a blanket of hair covering one arm tossed across my head. My mind was drowning in musical bliss, the bass forcefully reverberating within my body once again squeezing from my conscience all concerns of how this spectacle appeared. This was why I had come; in pursuit of this overwhelmingly welcoming familiar event. My soul now having been exhausted by its resistance, my body worn down from protest, I had forced surrender from vanity turning its grip into sacrifices of praise. Praise transformed to adoration freeing me from mental weights, my spirit soaring with one determination remaining.. worship was my aim. It was pure worship that had brought me to this place so many times before. I longed to return, where heavens open up allowing me to enter in.

I’ve decided to live each breath in constant contemplation of this blessed event. I set my daily tasks, one leading to the next, each purposed toward a path designed to lead me again to this end, this anticipated labor of a love that never leaves. My mind is in pursuit, a constant craving for His open door of worship by which I step into the throne room of His Grace.
…once again, I’ve found this secret place. My thoughts have passed the threshold now where reason is transformed to revelation. Within this place of sweet surrender, an absolute state of joy in true worship for my King, I peer through brunette strands to catch a glimpse of His feet resting at His throne. My spirit lies distant, my view shifts to throngs of angels towering and passionately demonstrating constant songs of adoration to my Heavenly Father, “Worthy is the Lord God Almighty.” The floor now clears, a way is made, somehow my body’s drawn toward Him, closer now than ever. My arm can reach, my hand could touch…. “I want to know You, Lord.” My voice is a faint whisper, my natural mind still cognizant of strobes that stream through tousled hair reflecting gently down my face.  I’m still outstretched, innately poised, positioned sheltered from any distraction. I rest in peace, such peace and joy, my meditation causes me to tremble, fluttering in waves of warming currents washing free all stress and worry from my frame. His touch pours out and covers all, my physical senses awakening my spirit all the more…
So much clarity has been released from this repose. . . Detached from time, here come my sought for answers, here come all seven Spirits burning, scorching life’s realities away. Thoughts present from this age begin to fade away to take their rightful place among the carnal facts of earthly truths. No longer with their claim on me, my mind breaks free willingly receiving pleasant spirit-thoughts beyond the veil that flood my mind and ease my soul. Spirit receiving spiritual things, another realm once dimly lit, reveals to me where why and what, but without words. Emotions now are taking hold, creating their own language for my understanding.
Heaven has drawn back the veil and I can briefly grasp the mysteries. All selfish thoughts so easily succumb in this place that mutes the evil one. The soulish lies disintegrate, my spirit strengthens all the more intently focused on the voice I’ve come to Love. His voice speaks gently, kindly, sounding repetitions waiting for my recognition. My spirit now increasing in its craving to break loose, now resting in the absence of evil, arousing its control and letting loose my voice with crying shouts that bellow forth for more of Him. My groans from depths before unknown burst forcefully aloud releasing tear filled shrieks of gratitude for this strong bliss that raises me up to my knees. With lifted hands in adoration of this wonder that He would visit me so intimately amidst this noise. I’m on my feet! A dance to match this wonderful beat too beautiful for words and I am humbled by His presence in awe and wonder of His touch. I feel it now, so powerful within my soul inside of places buried deep, I feel the dance. I never knew I owned these places, springing up alive with healing power rushing through me. This rushing river keeping me in quickened health. I hear it raging, sounds of water flowing all around and over me. Then all grows silent. He keeps His place so close as I stay frozen. His breath quite near, I want to take it in, my pores now tingle as His wind blows passed me, gently. I feel it sooth my fragile frame. I’m shaking now, my pants begin. I catch my breath, but only for a moment. It’s all so real, my thankfulness exceeds the joy I’m feeling. Overflowing speeds unsteadily escaping into panting breath so glorious. Laughter follows after as my mind falls into depths so vast I can’t escape this place I’m captured in. This type of racing heart has been unknown to me before this massive shattering of time that meets eternity, both now colliding from within. My joy pours out.
“Undo the veil, undo the veil, undo the veil.” He speaks in echoes. “I want to show you more of Me. I want to open up your eyes. I will reveal My will to you. Right now come dance a dance with Me. All things will be made clear.”
How can I not respond to this? I’m urged to spin and turn in waves. How dare I cower back from God’s own call? His call wants all of me. There is no place for this pride that keeps me from the benefit. I abide in awesome wonderment, I yield, I dance, and cry that this could come so easily.  All that I need, He’s given me. What He requires is found in our surrendering. I’ve acquired all I seek. I live to give to Him still more, I give my All and He returns His favor…His answers now so simply seen. This realm so easily unraveling what seemed impossible to capture. It’s now made clear, His Love so dear. It’s all been done, already won.


In Light of Recent Events


gay marriageThis is the text of the sermon I preached on Sunday, June 28, setting aside my summer sermon series to address a number of recent events in our nation.  I publish it here by request:

On Thursday Christy and I drove from Richmond, Virginia, to Niagara Falls, Ontario, which means that we waited in line to cross the Rainbow Bridge to the Canadian side of the border. I don’t know why. You can see the falls from the American side. But we love international travel, and it only cost $3.50 to cross the bridge, so we did it. And, besides, we had reservations at a bed and breakfast on the Canadian side. To avoid roaming charges we switched our phones to “airplane mode” and spent a blissful sixteen hours ignoring the news. When we crossed back over the next day it seemed that everything had changed. Christy sat in the…

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Christians, Be Careful What You Say On Facebook

While the Bruce Jenner* controversy is at its peak, be very careful about what you are tempted to say about it on social media. Though your gut reaction might be to post a comment/article that articulates your disgust, I beg you to reconsider. Here’s a couple of reasons why.

  1. Many of you are either looking at porn, or something close to it. I know this because some of the pages and videos that you “like” on Facebook show up on my news feed. You probably don’t realize this, because you keep doing it, and I keep seeing it. Unfortunately, all sexual perversion is a result of human corruption. You have it, I have it too. But you might want to reconsider publicly shaming one perversion when you have another.
  2. Related to reason #1, you don’t understand the gospel. There is nothing wrong about outwardly expressing your disgust at sin. The…

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You May Be Reading The Bible Way Too Much!

I look forward to this kind of reading schedule 🙂

Between 2 Cities

The Downpour

Everyone knows that a downpour is bad for the soil. It comes on really strong, washes away the topsoil, and does not really sink down into the ground in order to water it. What is much more helpful is a slow and steady rain, which saturates the ground over the long term, and then brings life to everything that it touches.

Sometime, I think we read our Bibles like we are hoping for a downpour. We wake up and attempt to cram as many verses into our morning Bible time as we possibly can, all the while hoping and praying that God would flood us with something incredible before we face the drought of our busy days. Now, don’t get me wrong. Making a priority for reading the Bible is an absolute necessity, and reading large sections of Scripture has its place (it’s called Bible study); but when we only have…

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Encouragement not of this World

God gives encouragement with every communication and prompts me to do the same for all of you. I live to stay in constant prayer for your protection, a covering of peace and divine health for the lives of you and your loved ones. God has told us that it is His Holy Spirit that ‘quickens’ (brings to life) our mortal bodies; we know that the Holy Spirit, Son, and Father have come to make their home within each one of us. So, for this reason, we hold to the Truth of the power that works inside of us; ever walking by Faith not by sight, holding to our profession of having been made whole in Christ Jesus. Because we are instructed by God’s word to keep His sayings before our eyes at all times, and since we know Jesus is the Word written as instructions in the Holy Bible, we daily search the scriptures for their life giving counsel that sustains us in divine health. His promises grow into ever increasing Faith; now bringing us into a deeper relationship with our Lord where we begin to hear His voice within our own spirit guiding our steps each day. With this level of connection, one begins to hold a steady focus on Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our Faith. We learn of His divine purpose and how He wants to accomplish His will in our lives here on this earth. So we yield to His voice, always listening for that quiet prompting inside of our inner frame. To be filled with God’s Holy Spirit in this way, we can no longer be tossed to and fro by the accusations of the enemy that would try to destroy us. We begin to recognize their tactics, taking hold of every thought, bringing them into obedience to Christ. The moment we resist evil, the devil must flee. We know, therefore we speak, commanding the enemy to go and taking hold of the power we have in the name of Jesus our Savior. In this way, we will begin to see victory at every moment and with every turn; becoming stronger in our battle against the principalities and rulers of the darkness of this world.

Therefore, I encourage you to put on the whole armor of God spoken of in Ephesians 6, that you may stand therefore, having fastened on the belt of Truth and having put on the breastplate of Righteousness, having put on the readiness given by the gospel of Peace. In all circumstances taking up the shield of Faith with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one; and taking the helmet of Salvation, and the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God, praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication. I encourage you all the more to take your stand and see the victory that the Lord Jesus has provided for you. Walk in your divine health and be made whole!

Covenant Calls

“For me, church is a place to draw closer to God and His people; to come in out of the chaos of the world; a place where I can be refreshed… a fresh filling of His Love, of His Peace. Church is a place where you should sense the movement of TheHolySpirit flowing and be able to step into that river; where you know God’s working something right there in that exact moment. He’s met you there because He’s welcome there. That’s where I want to be- I want to be in a place where the Love of Christ is so tangible, it forces out all fear from my life and frees me to soar into the things of the Spirit. And, I need that again and again; because as I step back out into the world there’s no doubt I will be bombarded with cares and troubles of unnatural and unwavering attacks from the enemy. He’s seeking whom he may devour, and I am no exception. God has told us that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty in Christ to the pulling down of strongholds; and there are indeed strongholds wanting to attach themselves at every bend in the road, with every turn of our lives. So six days seem too long for me to wait until I can step back into that river where I’m reminded of the power in the name of Jesus and the cleansing by the washing of His Word being spoken over me. I long for that gathering of like-minded believers willing to encourage one another, if only by their mere presence that strengthens my faith as iron sharpens iron. Our spirits identify with one another and the HolySpirit that lives inside us, and we are satisfied.

We are reminded:
Perfect Love casts out Fear! —
Be anxious for NOTHING! —
Step out on the Water!! —
It’s NOT about us, It’s about Jesus! —

“Wherever my feet wander or my eyes gaze, I’m searching for You, my God. I long to worship You. My heart yearns to know You, Lord. My soul aches to be with You. I will seek You with all my heart and open my mouth to praise you in the sanctuary!! 🙌🎶…. This, and even more, is what church is to me.” ~.~ 💕✨

Psalm37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”
Lamentation 3:35 “God is good to those who crave Him”
Job 32:18 “For I am filled with words and the spirit within compels me”
Job 33:14 “For God does speak; now this way, now another, though man does not perceive it… -yet He speaks-“


Let us believe what we have heard from the whispers in our spirit.

Redeeming Truth: It’s a gift from the everlasting Father that I’m certain cannot be acquired through human effort.  Yet, we must believe.  Let us believe what we have heard from the whispers in our spirit.  Let us have ears to hear; remembering that it is a spiritual ear that must be listening. For truth can only be heard when our hearts are humble and it is with a humble heart that we begin to see Truth. God has unveiled this in His Son, Jesus Christ –our example of living, breathing, inherent Truth. 

Know that it is God alone that does the drawing.  He draws and then does the revealing; granting repentance first, then giving Truth —because He is Truth, He gives of Himself.  To behold what we seek, we must be awakened, and this also is a gift given only after having sought it with all our heart. 

Understand that the ONLY struggle in this life is what scripture calls a “Fight of Faith” Faith to believe that God IS, that He is able, that He is willing –for all things hang upon His Love and He is Love — ♥ This we cannot deny, because we have been given the knowledge by the Holy Spirit’s promptings…If we believe, then He makes His home within our heart’s prayer closet, bringing life to our soul and giving new birth to our own spirit where He now sits with us to teach all things in God’s Holy Word.  He directs our hands to open to the very pages that have already answered our dilemma.  In His sovereignty, He provides peace for the circumstance, and we are nurtured by His Grace.  This, too, is His gift; He longs to give you His gifts.  They redeem the past, restore the present, and fulfill His future for your life.  Open yourself up to His voice and invite Him in… only then will you be renewed to a deeper understanding of His great Mercy and transcendent Truth… and with each encounter, Faith is strengthened for the battle.  This is also His gift.  

How I cherish His gifts – I’m captured by His overcoming Truth.  I live for our appointed meetings where His promptings draw me near, where I know that He is waiting to meet me full of gifts to bestow; for my comfort is His delight, His joy in me brings strength, and His promises are unfailing! ♥ ~.~  We believe, therefore we obtain —the Helper has been given!  Bless the Savior that arose and ascended on high for the direct purpose of sending us His Holy Spirit  –our Guide and Comfort– Blessings ~.~

When healing comes…


An insatiable sickness was demanding an accounting of my faith; my delays had only led me to death’s door. Now, of necessity, I forced my answer to the critical question that had been echoing through my life. Was Jesus Christ the son of God come to save humanity? Out loud, with tear-filled eyes, I whispered the words, “Yes, I believe.”
Sincerity would require a wholly committed embrace of His deity; belief in His written Word would be the proof…

I now know that it was not my own faith, but His measure given to me by Grace, that caused me to believe in His sacrifice. For the first time, a broken ego and humble heart began to search the scriptures. It was by His Holy Spirit that my eyes were opened to His supernatural power that had always been at work within me … I began to chase after His promises…

In time, through faith-filled seeking with a habit of meditation and praise I had developed in my prayer closet, I became familiar with the transforming presence of God through holy and pure surrender. It was in this safe environment wholly focused on Jesus that my spirit awoke and I became aware of His touch; so weighty and precious is His tangible presence. This knowledge opened up the way for God’s guidance that then led me to like-minded believers that openned the door to a spirit-filled, charismatic church.  I entered this place, where God had directed, immediately recognizing the same glorious Presence I had experienced in my private encounters with the Holy Spirit. Here, I found Him in even greater measure, filling me up, communicating His love and purpose for my life through complete surrender in unabashed worship. In seeking after Jesus Christ, I found my total healing; in constant pursuit, I keep it.

This type of walk with my Lord and Savior causes me to recognize Christ; in people and places, in conversation and song.  He is now effortlessly felt, and whenever He retreats into the background whether in dark circumstances or simply those moments that fail to show love, I immediately sense the Holy Spirit within me grieving …nevertheless, His mercy pours out. His power unmatched; His Love is released. I’ve learned that His Word does not return void and His will is always done at the mention of His name.

His name is Jesus. He is Christ, my Lord; my all-powerful Savior.  All I purpose to know is my God. All I wish to seek is His presence. Ten thousand prayers and a lifetime’s pursuit has shown me the entrance to His throne room of Grace where I’m readily ushered in, where my desire to know Him intimately intensifies.

It has been 18 years now since my healing. My gratitude and love toward Him is unending, ever-increasing. The memory of His warm healing wind has not faded. I long to step into the rushing waves of His glory. My sustained health continually reminds me of just how real is our Savior. He cares for us with an unconditional, immeasurable, undying Love. ❤ ~.~

Proclaim His Praise


Arlington 9413 048

It is good to praise the Lord
    and make music to your name, O Most High,
proclaiming your love in the morning
    and your faithfulness at night,
to the music of the ten-stringed lyre
    and the melody of the harp.

Psalm 92:1-3

At first glance, this is a simple Psalm of praise, but a little closer look reveals an interesting approach to the day.  Notice that it says “proclaiming your love in the morning.”  Have you ever tried that?  To begin the day proclaiming God’s love has a way of adjusting a person’s attitude to a place where we are more likely to notice the things that are really important, as opposed to the things that are simply there.  It has a way of helping us to prioritize the right way, so that when the day’s trials come we are better grounded in His love and not simply being tossed to and fro.

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On my journey…

I can remember having conversations about God, contemplating what was real and what might only be imagination. I would grab hold of a willing participant and start to ramble on with opinions and experiences; delving deeper into the possibilities of another place and time when these speculations might be made known… There was always a peace that would fill me when I began to speak of spiritual things; a time of His return, of an eternity with my heavenly Father, of His son, and the Holy Spirit. Any aggravations of present immediately shrunk into some distant scene while pictures of my possible future came forth becoming my hearts only focus. Those conversations sparked my passion for God. They taught me of love and peace, and how to wait patiently for God’s will. I learned that His way is always better, and blessings always come; at times subtly hidden within a moment, while on other occasions, shockingly poured upon your day so there is no denying the One unleashing them.

Although, I still can’t know as I’m known, my journey continues to teach me. Through unions and separations, births and deaths, sickness and heartache, I’m learning. One beauty, too difficult to fully comprehend, came within a time in my life when all of these rushed full force over me in unison, crushing me into functioning with what I would describe as an outward farce masking over an inward depravity —I functioned for years in that state. It granted me a death sentence and left me with a disease-ridden body and then robbed me of my house and home (literally). I say beauty because what I learned through those experiences has given me the tools to now work out my salvation with awesome reverence and power! It taught me priceless truths that can never be taken away. Most importantly, it taught me that the spirit world far outweighs the physical. I learned how the Spirit of God does indeed quicken our mortal bodies; and with each infilling –in every moment yielded to Him, be it in prayer or praise, with meditation or worship, every sacrifice of time given to God as an offering– where His Holy Spirit is released to interact with my flesh– there comes a healing. In those moments relinquished to Jesus, His voice can be heard. In doing so, we are ever being changed by His instructions; for they speak of forgivenesses and peace-making. He recalls for you the areas that must be reconciled in order for stresses to be released. There must be confessions and apologies, trust and faith, and then more forgiveness. In this way the Holy Spirit flows freely and we abide continually in Christ’s quickening where divine healing flows.


My healing came; again and again it comes. I have been made whole and I am kept whole, changed from glory to glory by my communion with my Father. What I have learned on this journey is more valuable than any material thing on this earth; more valuable than any amount of finances or possessions that can be heaped up. What I’ve learned has brought me a treasured and constant contentment that fills me as long as He fills me. It is a priceless contentment, and Our walk together has become profoundly intimate; so much so that He begins to show me myself beyond this life…
One can have their purpose opened up to them; a purpose that has it’s beginning here, but most definitely will play out into eternity. And so, I wait patiently (like a laborer waiting for his wages, always watching for the result of God in my circumstances) knowing that His daily purposes come -like waves rolling onto shore, they come, without fail, they come…

The Power You Need to Become Who You Want to Be

Awesome read! Blessings ♥

"Fresh Manna" - Bible Devotions by Tim Burt

Fresh Manna
by Pastor Tim Burt

 I recently heard someone say “People really never change.” I know why people say it. As a Pastor in a very large church, I’ve been around thousands of people weekly for many, many years. There have been a few people who I have seen fallen prey to the devil repeatedly in the same area of their life and I’ve been tempted to think “They’ll never change.” I say tempted to think because I can’t allow myself to think that. Mankind’s only hope is to change. That will only happen through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the only enabler of real and lasting change. Without recognizing the Holy Spirit within you as God’s gift of help to change, you won’t change. Too many don’t and thus the statement – People really never change.

Over the years, I have…

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I hear the sound…

Spirit Break Out

How He does cause one to tremble at the mention of His name… It was at one point in life after many days and many hours on my knees, with frustration for the emptiness I felt, that while in my prayer closet I asked the Lord why it was that I should come again and again to this place in hopeful expectation of my time with Him, yet never receive an answer or even so much as a greatly needed reply. Why could I not sense Him and know that He was as real as my own flesh and why should I not hear His voice respond to me like a friend who comforts a friend?

“Doesn’t His Word say that I am His friend?” I mulled.

And suddenly a presence stepped into the room just beyond my closet doors.

And, instantly I heard my mind ask its question, “Can you accept Him if He appears before you now?”

I knew I need only step through the door to see Him. I found myself simultaneously reaching for the knob while stepping backwards instead. It was my choice, but how could I — somehow, I couldn’t. I felt in that moment He would surely step through causing me to catch a glimpse of His magnificence. He could indeed cause me to see, in one moment, in this instance, all that is hidden… I would see how true it was that He is always near, He stays as close as my words! I shut my eyes fiercely, turning rapidly to my knees. He was now standing where I knelt. With an inexplicable fear that caused me to tremble, I buried my face deep inside my arms clinging to the ground.

“No, No I cannot. I cannot lift my eyes to see! I am not worthy… I am so sorry.” I wept.

I clenched my chest in hand and thought my heart would stop. And through my panting sobs His steps withdrew… Retrieving my breath, once calm again, I understood how great and powerful is His glorious presence. Realizing just how fragile is the human heart within so weak a body, I was grateful to learn why it is we have been given the gift of prayer as the means by which we communicate with the Almighty. ~.~

Since that day, somehow, I am more aware of His presence. I know that it is always accessible. And, with each new experience, I learn of His demonstrative affections. I revel in experiencing His manifest beauty. It causes me to wonder, longing all the more to know Him more intimately. So that now I listen. I hear the arriving sound of His outward expressions and listen all the more intently for His still small voice. I hear His voice, He is always speaking.

Now as He comes with every visit even nearer still, each time it causes me to tremble. He floods my soul with rushing power from the Comforter and my shaking no longer ignites from fear, but from the awesome wonderment of the Glory of His touch. His river washes over me with wave after wave. It captivates my spirit and arrests my flesh. I am captured. A captive of His Love, He is more real to me than my life. ♥


I dream…

I dream...

…in His loving presence.

I dream of a place where time does not envelop and restrain our choices; repeatedly taking them from daily activities to nighttime tragedies only to return us once again to the morning’s obligations. I dream of a place free and unrestrained from this physical cage that holds me now to weak and aching flesh subject to this poorly aging structure. I long for a life that exists perfectly pure; secure, resting on a foundation that cannot be shaken. Where good prevails and love reigns, where purpose fills our activities, where peace rushes through guiding us toward our destiny…. Where we live inside every moment, moments that lend themselves to our volunteered thoughts launching the thinker into only those places we choose to experience.

I dream of this place. I look to its maker; I long to know the one that has placed this desire inside me. With every breath I breathe, every step I take, I inch myself closer. Every intention, no matter how small, eagerly reaches forcefully toward this place, this place that I dream of entering. I’ve felt it in my prayer… I’ve glimpsed it in my night watches… I’ve peered into its secrets in my worship… Its mysteries have become familiar in the dance.

There is no time stronger for hearing and sensing the presence of the Lord then when fasting from fleshly desires where our continual prayer becomes part of a continual worship of our heavenly Father. In fasting, there must be purposeful prayer with an intentional searching of God’s Word. For it must be an unending meditation of His holy scriptures kept before your every thought so that you are certain to hear Him speak. You will become as familiar with His voice as a longtime lover’s call. His Presence will be intimately known and He will sing to you as well, “Come forth, my beloved.”

We surrender to our future…

…and so it was that as the sun began to set, I entered into the sanctuary for the first time on a Friday evening’s service where I was pleasantly met by the undeniable presence of a Holy Spirit filled church. The atmosphere was saturated with undisturbed peace, and I learned to quiet my mind that day; my body followed, motionless, falling deeper and deeper into such stillness…I could finally hear the voice of God. I learned that prayer is a conversation. As I surrendered myself to worshipful prayer, my spirit began to strengthen. Now feeling it rise up within to lead me into deeper worship, still, I trusted my Father; I knew He would not allow me to be led astray. He would guide me; He would keep me. –His love led me to the threshold of a realm so freeing that it moved me to dance and sing and praise Him with ever increasing abandon, until I found myself before the very throne room of Heaven. I was surrounded by worshippers basking in His wonderful presence; His fellowship so real, meeting me in the song and opening a gateway into His wondrous answers.

I’ve found no quicker way to enter into this realm but by sincere and passionate worship where one lets loose of all that clutters the mind and weighs down the heart. We must thrust off every distraction along with every expectation. True and honest worship seeks only the Father’s will and we long for it with every fiber of our being with hands lifted up in praise and adoration. We enter into the Throne Room of the Almighty with all humility –no longer holding to physical or mental comforts but casting all aside and giving ourselves to abandon even human reasoning so that we may embrace spiritual realities. It is only then that our spirit will rise once again to overtake our flesh and lead our heart into an unknown song, guiding our feet to dance with the Holy Spirit’s prompting –opening up greater realms of glory and taking us into the tangible showers of our Lord where He speaks and reigns with a magnetic and electrical touch. We are filled to overflowing with shaking and heavenly intoxication. We are exposed to wisdom that can now be seen from love’s perspective and so we glimpse our inevitable future.

…and so we Pray

There is nothing more important or quite so precious as prayer. All that we do and all that we strive to become depends upon the miraculous gift of prayer. Even our worship and praising is only a form of prayer to the One we love. Our prayer is indeed a gift used by the Holy Spirit himself, whom Christ sent afterward for our comfort and instruction in all things… without prayer, we find ourselves defenseless, unable to prevent the inevitable evils of this world from hurdling full force into our lives. We cling to prayer so that our world stays held together by our Lord Jesus –It is through constant prayer that we invite our God to be a part of our lives, and it is in prayer that we shut out the enemy with all of his attacks in order to prevent those demons from accomplishing their purposes–their purposes being nothing but our disbelief and doubt, that we would not know the wonderful reality of the power of Jesus, that we would not call upon Him, that we would be orphans in a lost and dying world with no access to our Heavenly Father…

But, Christ’s gift of prayer has opened up to us all that we need to fight the good fight of Faith. It is not a burden when we truly understand its power. We are not weighed down with obligation to it, if it is that we have cast off the weights of sin by repentance. Enter into prayer by the shed blood that washes us clean and see prayer begin to pour out of you like a rushing river. If we hold to forgiveness in every circumstance, then we are always forgiven… so that we may ask whatsoever we will and it will be done of our Father. ♥


Do you need your strength renewed today? The scripture tells us that when we hope in the Lord, that’s exactly what will happen—our strength will be renewed. If you’ve grown weary and tired, overwhelmed by the cares of this world, it’s a clear sign that you need to change what you’re putting your hope in. Are you putting your hope in your job? The government? The economy? Another person? Those are all things that will change. But when you hope in the Lord, you are investing in the Rock of Ages! He never changes! He is the only solid foundation for your soul.

Today, find strength by simply putting your hope in Him. Start by declaring out loud, “God, I place my hope in You. I trust that You are working behind the scenes in my life. I choose to rest in You.” Then, feed your hope and faith by meditating daily on the scriptures. As you renew your mind with the Word of God, you’ll find strength, you’ll find hope, and you’ll find His victory all the days of your life!

My Rock of Ages – JESUS ~.~


Oftentimes, God will use our experiences in life as stepping stones to prepare us for what He has in store next. Scripture tells us that He’ll even take the things the enemy tries to bring against us and turn them around and use them for our good. He is always leading us on a journey of preparation.

That’s why it’s so important to keep our eyes focused on Him. We have to trust that when we are submitted to Him—even if we don’t understand—He is ordering our steps. If something is not happening on your timetable, remind yourself, “God knows what He is doing. He has my best interest at heart. God is preparing me.” While you’re waiting, don’t make the mistake of trying to figure everything out. If you’re constantly trying to figure things out, that will only frustrate you. Turn it over to God. Declare, “God, my times are in Your hands. I’m not going to worry because I trust that You are leading me on a journey of preparation for all the wonderful blessings You have in store for me.”

So love this word of encouragement for our times of preparation! ~.~


Christianity is all about dying to ourselves. Some see this as hideous, onerous, and weak. “Why give up your desires, wants, and longings for something someone else mandates?” they wonder. “That sounds like slavery!” they charge. However, they fail to realize that surrendering our wills to Christ is like a bird surrendering to air currents or a fish to the water. When we surrender to the Lord, he gives us the power to be what we were made to be — enabled to be useful in ways that are eternal, empowered to have life not limited by mortal boundaries, and blessed by communion with the Creator as our Father. What is lost in this surrender to Christ living in us? Only our selfishness and our self-damage caused by rebellion.

Surrender yourself and Soar…
~.~ …mount up with wings as eagles.


“And He led them on safely, so that they did not fear; but the sea overwhelmed their enemies.” (Psalm 78:53, NKJV)

Nothing can stop the force of mighty rushing water. Three or four feet of water can pick up a car that weighs thousands of pounds and move it all around. You’ve probably seen news reports where whole houses are being swept away during a huge flood or cities in a tidal wave.

In the same way, you may have obstacles that look insurmountable; dreams that look unattainable, but let me encourage you: when God releases a flood of His power, nothing will be able to stop you. That sickness may look big, but when God releases a flood of healing, it doesn’t stand a chance. Your opposition may be stronger, better financed and better equipped; but when God opens up the floodgates, they’ll be no match for you.

You may not have the connections or resources you need, but when God releases a flood of favor, people will come out of the woodwork to help you out. Good breaks, opportunity, the right people will search you out. You need to get ready not for a trickle, not a stream, not a river, but a flood of God’s favor, a tidal wave of God’s goodness, a tsunami of His increase is coming your way!

A Prayer for Today

Father, thank You for Your mighty power at work in my life. I believe that Your floodgates are open, and a flood of Your goodness is wiping out my enemies and clearing the way for victory in every area of my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Believing for His Grace ~.~


But whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life. (John 4:14, NKJV.)

In the natural, every day, we get thirsty. Water is what we need to sustain life. When we are out in the heat or exerting our bodies physically, even more water is required to keep us hydrated and functioning optimally. Spiritually, we need water every day, too. We need to refresh our hearts and minds as much as we need to refresh our bodies. Jesus said, “I am the Living Water. If you drink of Me, you will never thirst again.”

During the day, we all have things that come against us spiritually. We all feel the heat, so to speak. It’s easy to get upset or stressed out, but that’s when you need to take a two-minute break and go drink of the Living Water. Get quiet and say, “God, I need You. I’m asking You, God, to help me stay strong. Help me to stay in peace.” Remember, Jesus is the only one who can truly satisfy your inner thirst. Turn to Him, receive from Him, and you will find rest and refreshing for your soul. Anytime you need to, just take a drink!

Prayer for Today:
Father, right now I turn my heart and mind toward You and take a drink of Your living water. Thank You for filling me, for refreshing me, and for empowering me with everything I need in this life in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Amen ~.~

Let Us… ♥

  • Let Us have a heart that has been prepared when entering into our prayer closet; “It is better to have a sincere heart lain before Him with no words, then to come with words when there is no heart.” -John Bunyan img_3866

Remember that it is God who does the drawing. We are sensitive to His call. We constantly listen for His promptings. We wait for the Lord and He gives us our prayers… Let Us be sure that our focus is for Him, and not a thing. Let Us position ourselves under the Blood of the Lamb at the Mercy Seat. Let Us condition our heart with humility and expectation; the humble condition of our heart is imperative.

It will be through His merciful Spirit that we are heard.

We are God’s Temple; we are His house. And, it is that He has said, “My house will be called a house of prayer.” He has asked us through Isaiah, “where is the house that you built me; where is the place of my rest?” Let Us abide in Christ so that He is welcome to dwell with us. He will surely hear us then, and will be well pleased.

We have an example of His Temple [which we are]… –of the Outer Court, where prayer begins…though we must journey into the Inner Court, and ultimately, the Holy of Holies. As the deer pants for the water, Let Us search and come boldly with mouths hungry for His Word. Let Us prepare the soul, with all of its hungers and desires, to be subject to our spirit, for our spirit must commune with God’s. —Now we see the Inner Holy Place –Now our body & soul is surrendered & our spirit alone may enter… The Holy of Holies opens up and deep calls unto deep –communion begins. This is where strength is given. This is where we are renewed. – We must get there! We must wholly enter in! Let Us…— ♥ ~.~


The earth was formless and empty…and God said, ‘Let there be light’ Genesis 1:2-3, NIV.

Are you believing God for something today that seems impossible? We serve a great and mighty God, and He can create something out of nothing! He can make a way where there seems to be no way! He can create whatever is needed in your life.

Genesis tells us that in the beginning, God created the heavens and earth. But before He spoke the world into existence, it was formless and empty. If God can make the world out of nothing, He can take the empty places in your life and create something beautiful, too! He can speak light into your darkest hour. He can take your formless dreams and give them shape. He can resurrect your dormant gifts and talents! He can make your crooked places straight!

Remember, you are created in the image of Almighty God. There’s power in your words and power when you’re in agreement with Him. Only say what God says about your situation. Speak life to your broken dreams today. Stay in an attitude of faith and expectancy, and as you do, God will take you places that you’ve never dreamed. He’ll make something beautiful out of every broken place in your life!

SPEAK, God is listening – SPEAK, the Angels are hearkening – SPEAK, all of creation awaits…


“For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 8:38-39).

God’s love goes way beyond any human love you have ever experienced! People may come and go from your life, but God is always with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Human love may be conditional, but God’s love is supernatural; it’s unconditional, and it knows no limits. There’s nothing you can do to earn His love and nothing you can do to stop His love.

The scripture tells us that His love is patient and kind, His love believes the best in you. His love redeems and restores you. No matter what you’ve been told or what you may think about yourself today, you are His most prized possession. There’s nothing that can separate you from His love! Remember, faith is activated by love. As you allow Him to flood you with His love, your faith will be ignited, and you’ll be empowered to live the abundant life He has for you!


Many people expect the voice of God to boom like a loudspeaker, but scripture tells us that He speaks in a still, small voice. To us, it seems like an impression inside.

We think, “I know I should go visit my parents. I know I shouldn’t eat so many sweets. I know I should stay home and do my schoolwork.” The “I knows” are God talking to you. Don’t ignore it. Learn to be quick to obey.

A lot of times we know what we should do, but we make excuses and reason it out. “I’ll do it later. I’m busy now.” But, we have to understand God doesn’t ask us to do it for His sake. He asks us to do it for our own sake. I’ve learned that before God will release big blessings, He will give you small tests. Too often we dismiss it and think, “Oh, that’s no big deal.” But if you don’t pass these small tests, it will keep you from the big things God has in store.

Today, don’t put off the little things that you know you should be doing any longer. Take a step of faith and obey Him. As you’re faithful in the little things and pass the small tests, He’ll lead you into the greater things He has in store for you.

—Pay attention, there will be a test.—


Many people today don’t realize that the reason they’re not happy, the reason they’re not enjoying life is simply because they’ve trained their minds in the wrong direction. They’ve programmed their minds to worry. They’ve programmed their minds to complain. They’ve programmed their minds to see the negative. But just as we can train our mind to focus on the negative, we can also reprogram our minds to focus on the positive. It all depends on what you meditate on.

When we meditate on the Word of God, we reprogram our minds. When we meditate on God’s goodness, we are developing a right mindset. When we choose to be grateful and focus on what’s right rather than what’s wrong, we are choosing a positive attitude. This doesn’t happen automatically; you have to discipline yourself to focus on the right things. You have to make a conscious effort to spend time in the Word of God every single day until a habit is formed.

I believe that as you honor God with your time, He’ll multiply it back to you. As you stay faithful and focused on Him, He will direct your steps, and you will embrace the blessing and victory He has in store for you!


O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His mercy and loving-kindness endure forever! 1 Chronicles 16:34, AMP.

What you dwell on is what you will draw into your life. We can either focus on our problems, or we can focus on our blessings. The question is: do you want more problems, or do you want more blessings?

One thing I’ve noticed is that when you live with an attitude of constant gratitude, not only do you thank God for what He’s done in your life, you start thanking Him for what He will do in your life. You thank Him for opening doors for you in the future. You thank Him for increasing you. You thank Him for bringing the right people into your life. When we say “Thank You” to God for the things that are coming, it’s really a declaration of our faith in Him. It’s like saying in essence, “God, I’m so sure of Your goodness, I’m so sure that You’re working in my life that I’m going to thank You right now for what You are going to do tomorrow!”

Friend, that’s the kind of faith that pleases God. He wants us to trust in His goodness and believe that He is a Rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. He delights in seeing our faith. He delights in an attitude of gratitude. Today, let your faith say thank you. Praise Him throughout the day with a humble heart and watch what He will do on your behalf!



When it looks dark in your own life, when things aren’t going your way, dare to make that declaration of faith just like Jesus, “It is finished.” What you’re really saying is, “God, I know You are going to turn this situation around. I know You are going to heal my body. I know You are going to restore my family. I know You are going to give me the breaks that I need. I’ve done my part, and I know You will do Yours.” Always remember to speak victory over your circumstances because He is faithful, and He will complete what He’s started in you.

Speak His Word – God is Listening & He is Faithful to Perform it!